>Am I weird for feeling sleepy and tired after an hour of taking vitamins? I’ve tried all sorts and the effect is the same- I get sleepy and tired as if I did a week’s worth of labor job. 

Last night I tried taking the vitamin just before I sleep but the cold water made me stay up a little bit longer than usual. When I woke up, I felt okay and as of writing, I still feel a little slow and sleepy but maybe my body needs time to cope up with the vitamin dosage (which by the way is less than 1,000mg in total) . 

With my age, I feel like I need to fill my body with appropriate vitamins since I am not fond of fruits, veggies and other health drinks. 

Did you know that I drink only water, coffee (which I’m cutting down) and hot tea? But mostly water. I can’t live without water unlike my husband and my Dad who can go without it. 

Anyway, so am I the only weird person who gets sleepy and tired with energy vitamins?