Ever since I became a work-at-home Mom, my first focus has been to create an ideal workspace because it is where the magic happens. And for most of us, we spend a good deal of time sitting, back hunched on our workspace– how big or small it may be.

Over the years, I’ve evolved from a simple wobbly computer table to a gray hand-me-down office table to now, a customized workspace for me and my WAHD husband. I can’t stress enough how important a comfortable workspace is for WAHMs especially if you’re in it for the long haul. You have to be comfortable and attuned to your work area to be able to deliver results that are well crafted and well thought of.

When you’re starting, it doesn’t have to be big all at once. Some nook that you can stay for long hours without getting back pains or carpal tunnel in a week. My workspace evolution is for me a sign of looking back while I was starting and what I have accomplished working online. Let’s see how fun my spaces were, shall we?

My First workspace



Couldn’t get a decent photo since I was working & taking care of my then 3-year old Peaches who, always wants to be part of any photo I take. She’s a star, I know.

2nd workspace


I absolutely love this table because this has been with me since I was young. My Mom had this customised for my room as my study table when I was in grade school.

3rd workspace



My first ever office table that was a hand me down from my inlaws’ old office. I love that it has a lot of drawers where I keep my lists and books. The problem with that was, it didn’t fit well. It was huge and eating up a lot of our space.

My 4th workspace & current one


Not only did my workspace improved by I also increased my productivity by installing a 2nd monitor which increased my virtual workspace and allowed me to multi task better. Plus I really enjoy working on my new spot.

It also helped that I have a live Maneki cat!



I understand that working from home can start from a very informal setting but as a professional online worker, we should strive to make it “formal” and “structured” even for a little bit; even how long it would take.

I hope this little walk down the memory has helped you improve on your work habits & spaces.