Peaches and her friends went wall climbing at R.O.X Serendra once weekend.

The girls had a blast most of them are first time climbers and they all took the challenge and got to the top.

Rates are:

Php 150 – one climb

Php 500 (Php350 if discounted) – for unlimited climb

Here are some photos I took:

download peaches-wall-climb-2 IMG_0763

Let the kids wear: 

socks and rubber shoes

leggings so they don’t get any knee/leg scratches (but Peaches didn’t get any)

comfortable shirt



extra shirt

The girls didn’t take much time climbing because most of them got the one time climb rate. I think they were happy that they were able to climb up to the top on their first try.

There were also coaches that ensure your child’s safety plus they encourage the kid to go higher.

This was a fun activity for the barkada because they were able to spend their energy (and they have a loooot of those) and they were very supportive of each other, cheering loudly for their friends.