Written: Feb 1, 2011

For the past days I learned that even though how much you care for your helpers, they will still leave you without hesitation. No matter how much you pay them and how much you value even their loved ones, they will leave you at a whim. It’s sad that I have sour feelings for Peaches’ yaya. To think that she’s Peaches first yaya (second if you count me as the first!) and she’s been with us for almost 3 years. 

She said she’s leaving because she wanted to sell pies, dainties (kakanin) or other sweets  at her house. You see, her son had quit school and for her to see him and tend to him everyday, she chose to give up her 5k salary and be with her son. Now, I know it may sound very noble but I feel that she’s lying (and it’s not her first time to lie to us) about something. What really irks me is that she makes me feel that she’s in a hurry to leave us and there were even days that I feel she does not want to work anymore. When she told me she was leaving, I told her it’s fine as long as she leaves a week after her replacement comes and she agreed. My reason for that was, so she can teach the replacement and allow Peaches to warm up on the new yaya. What’s happening now is that, Ate will leave tomorrow because according to her she already made plans for her “new business” when we’re not even sure we’ll have her replacement by tomorrow! How terrible would that make you feel? I’ve put up with her excuses for the longest time and I just had enough. I told her with or without replacement, she can leave tomorrow. 

My Mom said I should make room for these kind of adjustments and assured me that it will never be the last. Of course she might be right. 
I just felt betrayed and wonder how it’s easy for them to leave you even after how much you cared for them. 

Anyway, I’m still hoping that tomorrow’s a better day for everyone. 

I hope that Peaches likes whoever the replacement will be. 

Nanny McPhee Where Art Thou?