>We Got Cleaned!


We had our  bi-annual dentist appointment today and it feels so refreshing! 🙂 
Troy’s been advised to come back 3 months after because his teeth demands uhmmm more work. Not because he has bad teeth, more of bad habits. He smokes, drinks coffee, drinks tea and iced tea, and uses toothpick (which did him more harm than good).  
Me on the other hand, brushes my teeth hard that it leaves micro abrasions on the surface of the teeth. It’s my unconscious way of keeping the pearlies clean. That’s why I make sure I brush Peaches’ teeth lightly. 
It pays to take care of our teeth because like bones, when we grow old they will deteriorate. Plus they work as much as our feet too! 🙂 
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  1. Tetcha says:

    >Justin and I will go to the dentist on June 19 pa; the clinic is fully booked. Hubby doesn't want to have his prophylaxis done, natrauma yata last year. LOL! By the way, I already changed your URL in my blogroll.

  2. Renz says:

    >Our dentist is Dr. Nava from our building's ground floor clinic 🙂 He's nice and we've known him for years na Mega Plaza days pa.

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