In an attempt to pay for my review classes, I signed up for PayPerPost and without so much delay my BLog was approved! I’m so happy! This could be a start of a new way of blogging for me not to mention a “step” higher. I was also surprised on how easy this gets. I thought it was a bit complicated (or at least for me). If I have known earlier, I signed up since day 1. Well as the saying goes, better late than never! :))

I expect of course that making money takes time. But when the first “payroll” comes, I’ll buy myself review materials. It’ll come. I know. I could then start my review and feel confident on the board exam. But until then, I’m still on my usual routine and undecided self.
I’m relly amazed on how this trend started. You know, being able to blog about the things you like, your experiences and stuff AND getting paid for it. It’s a swell idea! Kudos to whoever did the first step! Really a big help on stay-at-home Mum’s like me.
I’d like to call this new adventure as my addons. Addons in a sense that this adds more to my me and my family’s life.

I sure do hope I could convince any readers out there to try this and will drive traffic
. There’s no harm in trying after all.