After 3.5 years of using diapers, we’re officially saying goodbye to it! It has been a week now and I feel like I’ve been delaying the no nappy policy even though I knew that Peaches is fully potty trained (even at night) because I felt like it was too soon. Turns out it was me who was not ready to accept that fact that she’s grown and she’s very well a step ahead than Mommy.


Well today, I finally accept that we’re a diaper free family! Very timely, since today we celebrate our Independence day and as a family we are also celebrating our liberation from the expensive and Environment disaster diaper!

On the other hand, some things never change; like her milk intake during the night. She can still finish 4-5 7oz. bottles in a night and then another 1 when she wakes up.  I seriously don’t know where she’s putting all that milk plus her meals and snacks during the day. She does not look chubby at all. She looked like she lost her fat when she was younger. She’s taller of course and well more lean but she’s heavy–no make that HEAVIER.

Anyway, I am really blessed that Peaches is growing up well. I just think it’s too soon for a Mom. I hope she does not lose her sweetness when she’s older and I hope she does not lose her interest of being with me and her Dad.

She is our pride and joy, that little bugger. 🙂

Well, happy Independence Day to everyone! Party! Party!