I got my monthly email from Babycenter.com and it was a checklist on how a 12-month old should be.  It was also about what to expect on her next well-checkup. 

Here’s where we are so far:


1. How is your toddler sleeping? P normally wakes up between 8:30AM to 9AM and sleeps at 11PM. She takes her first nap a little after lunch and will last for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Most of the time I don’t let her take her second nap if it’s already past 5PM or else we will both be up till 1AM!!! 

2. How is your toddler eating? she eats 50% solid and 75% milk. She still asks for milk at wee hours.

3. How many teeth does your toddler have? She has 5. two lower, three upper

4. Is your child pulling himself up? Standing? Walking? She’s doing all three. I was so surprised earlier today, she was able to climb the ladder at the playhouse all by herself!

5. Does your toddler point at objects? Yes. She can even point and say her toy’s name (of course on her own words) She can identify some body parts like eyes, nose, bellybutton and head. She points at places she wants to go, she points at foods she wants to eat and she points at things that catches her attention like dogs, cats, colorful toys.

6. What does your toddler say? She’s jabbering. ‘abodee abodee yuppi yuppiee a deee deee dee’ are some of her ‘sentences’. She calls me Mamey, Mimi, Mommy and her dad, Daddy, Dada. She calls Jollibee, Bibi and Barney, baba.

7. How are your toddler’s social skills developing? She smiles at people she likes. She plays with anyone (most of her playmates are boys). She imitates all of her playmates’ actions (note that these playmates are all over 2y.o.). She imitates daily actions like brushing teeth, mommy cooking, daddy putting on deo and hair gel, putting on lotion, and a whole lot more.

8. How are your toddler’s fine motor skills developing? She uses both hands to play with toys, point at things, sing action songs.

9. Have you noticed anything unusual about your toddler’s eyes or the way he looks at things? Not in abad way. She sees even the smallest DIRT on the floor!

10. How is your toddler’s hearing? Good. She turns when called by her name. She covers her ears when she hears something loud. lol. 

So there, I think we’re on the right track and of course I’m a happy mom and a thankful one. 

I hope you’re kids are doing great too!