As much as I vowed to make Peaches decide what she wants to become and what she wants to learn, I still have my own preferences. But those are just preferences, I will not wallow in tears when she turns out to be not what I preferred. I love her to bits no matter what. 

But for the sake of this topic, please indulge me. Isn’t it that kids learn from us first and foremost? We do give them the opportunities to learn what they like and what they don’t. So what I plan to do is to enroll Peaches on arts, music, sports and whatever our finances can afford. 

I do love to see her do Ballet because it’s so graceful and prim. On second thought, I don’t see my daughter as Ms. Prim and Proper. She’s more of a tough, cowboy type of girl. Hmm, so maybe sports then. Tennis of course will top my list. And then there’s swimming, badminton, soccer (because she loves to kick and I do think she has good leg power), and table tennis. I can’t wait to introduce Peaches on these sports and discover with her which she likes the most (read: LIKE). It is important to actually let your kids decide on what sports they want to pursue and you’re just there to support whatever that is. I know someone who can’t decide her mind on what sports she likes, I think she tried all the sports  and turned out she wanted to sing and dance. 

See, each kids are different and each kids have different needs. Some might figure out which art or sports they want to pursue early on and some might take years before they even realize what they want. Accepting this fact could really help you and your child. It is important not to push your child too much to a point of imposing what you want. Making your child decide for himself is in fact one of the best things you can say to your child. 

Ultimately, I want Peaches to have fun while she learns. Have fun while she discovers things either on her own or with me.

So what are your own preferences? RenzSignature