SAHM is stay at home mother. And I am one of them. Well, most of you who are close to me already know that. SO, why am I posting this? Am I ranting? Nah. 
There’s this person who asked what I do. I told her I am a SAHM. She said life must be good (“sarap buhay” to be verbatim) for me. I told her, for SAHMs who have helpers to make life easier for them are the ones who are living a good life. But not me. I am a real deal SAHM. I do practically everything in the house plus tend to my little buckaroo. So, why not hire help, she asked. 
I nearly snapped at her but instead I told her. We are a single earning family and hiring a yaya is plain vanity. She still insisted that I live a pretty easy life. SIt around wholeday, glued to the computer or tv, lounge and read. This was my boiling point. 
How can it be all that when I have millions of obligations every single day? I turned and walked away instead.
So, I realized people do not understand what real deal SAHMs go through. Let me state A FEW:

1. The house will not clean itself. Nor will the baby do it for us.
2. Imagine cooking with a baby crying for attention. 
3. The laundry will pile up if left unkept for just a day. 
4. Of course, we do everything while the baby sleeps. What then if he/she refuses to sleep? WE can’t do anything. 
5. Sleeping early is not an option when it’s the only time we can actually breathe and do things for ourselves. 
6. A goodnight sleep is near impossible. We wake up on wee hours to feed the baby. 
7. We also have wifey duties. 
8. Do you realize now that we do not have day offs like regular working moms? We don’t have holiday vacation as well.
9. We work 24/7 unpaid.
10. Lastly, the baby does not clean herself, she doesn’t even feed herself yet, she doesn’t sterilize her bottles, doesn’t change her own diapers, doesn’t clean her mess and doesn’t fix what she destroyed. 

See, what we do? I hope people will learn to understand what it means to be a mother, a SAHM to be exact. We do have feelings too, we feel a bit incapacitated because we do not earn the way we used to and we absolutely do not need someone rubbing that for us. We feel tired and irritated, we are humans not robots. We need things too. At times, a good caring and loving makes us forget what we do. 
So, do not ever say that a SAHM lives an easy life. She might not be like me, she might smack you good in the face. 🙂