>Peaches suffered a mouth injury due to a bad fall on a cement floor. After the initial first aid, there’s nothing really I can do but to keep her mouth as clean as possible.

What To Do When A Toddler Has Injury To the Mouth?

1. Stop the bleeding by applying pressure on the wound. If after 10 minutes, the bleeding hasn’t stopped it’s best to go to the doctor.

2. Put a cold compress to prevent swelling and also to prevent further bleeding.

3. Check for chipped tooth, missing tooth, etc. (the tooth could be swallowed). If you are uncomfortable with your child’s condition, consult the doctor.

4. Observe the child for any signs of lethargy, dizziness and if he/she vomits–it’s usually not a good sign.

5. If fever develops, consult a doctor. It could be a sign of infection.

There’s nothing I can put on her wound that’s safe to swallow or at least there’s nothing I know of. Anyway, children are active and super excited that we need to always look out for them. Kids often do not know the risks of their actions, that’s why guardians and yayas are there to help the kid prevent injuries or at least lessen them.