It’s easy for us parents to teach our kids to be kind and behave well when in public. But what if it’s someone else’s kid that’s misbehaving and is being unruly? How would you react on the child’s rudeness towards your own child? And worse, you see the unruly kid’s parents just standing there and doing nothing.

Personally, I would march right into the parents and tell them outright that their child is misbehaving. I do not want to see my child being bullied because I teach her so hard no to be one.

But as I read through other Mommies’ comments, I realize I need to step back and just walk away. It’s not my role to reprimand the child nor the parents if the child is being unruly.

So what to do when another child is unruly?

Get hold of your emotions

Stop yourself from marching to the unruly kid to reprimand him.

Wait and see

Take a moment to check the situation and see how your child reacts with the situation. It has been said that children learn by taking care of things by themselves. Observe your child’s emotions, is he/she affected by the unruly kid or just taking it all in stride?
If he/she seems okay and not fighting back, you can call him/her and praise him/her for not fighting back and for not feeling affected. And explain that being rude to others is not right and is not nice.

When things get worse, step in 

If the situation is out of control and you see that the unruly kid’s parents are not acting on the situation, call their attention and explain what has happened. Avoid telling them what to do just simply explain what the unruly kid did and wait for the parents to react. Most parents tend to be defensive when being told that their child misbehaves. If this happens, control your feelings(I know, easier said than done) and walk away.

If there’s a person of authority present like a teacher, a waiter (if you’re in a restaurant), or a guard, you can approach them and explain why you think the unruly kid is causing a problem and probably posing threat to smaller children (especially when you’re dealing with toddlers versus older unruly kids).

Now, it would probably be a good idea to walk away when things get stickier than to pick a fight with the kid’s parents.

How about you, what would you do when someone else’s child is unruly?