When I first heard about PRC ID online renewal, I was really happy because my last renewal was 2013 and I didn’t renew last year because it was such a hassle to travel from Ortigas (with a baby) to the PRC Central Office. You know how the lines could get there.

Few days ago, I renewed my license ONLINE and I wanted to write about my experience and learning from it. I have to say though that this will only apply to professionals who are renewing licenses in Metro Manila.

  1. Go to http://www.prc.gov.ph/ 
  2. Hover mouse on ID Renewal and then choose CENTRAL OFFICE (I guess if you’re outside Metro Manila, you can choose Regional Office as long as you know the address of the PRC Satellite office to claim your ID)
  3. Register or sign up for an account. 
  4. Follow the prompt online. It’s easy to fill up the forms (online) just prepare the following:
    1. PRC License number
    2. 2×2 photo- must be recent and do not wear eyeglasses, hat, etc, and must be in white background– I noticed that the system will upload photos even if it does not pass the PRC requirement so make sure you’re uploading the right one.
    3. Note that you cannot use an OLD PHOTO that has already been used in your previous PRC ID.
  5. When you’re registered, your account will have 3 tabs – PROFILE, EXISTING TRANSACTIONS, CONTACT US to view your payment details, click EXISTING TRANSACTIONS.
  6. You will be asked a schedule to claim your ID so choose properly. But in my experience, I think they are not very strict with the appointment system YET because I have seen people walking in and inquiring about the renewal and they were just asked to do it in the nearest computer shop, pay for the fee and they will still be able to get their printed and renewed license.
  7. So next, get your reference number and pay your renewal fee. I paid mine OTC in BDO.
  8. Next, print out your CLAIMING STUB you’ll find it inside the EXISTING TRANSACTION tab once you’re already paid.
    1. You can print it black and white or colored, it doesn’t matter
    2. You can ask somebody else to claim your ID as long as you provide a proper authorization letter and valid IDs of both parties
  9. Go to your PRC Satellite office– I went to Robinson’s Galleria

More reminders:

Bring a 2×2 photo just to be sure or else they will ask you to provide a new one should the one you uploaded won’t work well when they print out your ID.

You must have the claiming stub.

If you’re a senior citizen, you don’t have to register or renew online, just bring your recent photo and answer the form, pay the fee and you will have your ID afterwards.

If you have 2 professions, you will have to have 2 claiming stubs.

Hope this helped!