What you should know before going to the Holy land


First, think of your ultimate purpose. Are you there for a spiritual journey? Because Holy land is the Mecca of Christians and other pilgrims. Or you just want to visit sites for sight seeing? For shopping perhaps?

See, Holy land tour is nothing close to any European trip you had. It’s not a comfortable vacation at all. Think of it as living a life of a pilgrim  but with a better accommodation. The pilgrimage revolves around 3 countries that are now facing several conflicts and issues so expect inconveniences.

Second, accept the fact that you are going to be immersed in a different culture 3x during the trip. Accept their ways and do not expect them to follow what you are used to. You are in their country and thus you are expected to adjust with them. Please do not look for ADOBO, PAKBET or whatever FILIPINO food. Even if you cry blood no tour operator can provide you with one.

Third, each countries’ standards differ. A 5 star hotel in Egypt is nothing compared to Manila’s 3 star hotels.
And because these countries are mostly dessert and rely on few bodies of water for life (which they have to share), cleanliness is not their first concern.

Fourth, opportunists are every where and the Holy land is not an exception.

Fifth, Jordan, Israel and Egypt are countries where Arabs are the majority of the population so please do not tell me you do not want to shop for Catholic/Christian items because the shop owner or the seller is Muslim.

Sixth, If you can’t walk 3km in a day please do not join a pilgrimage in Holy land.

Seventh, research the itinerary well. Join tour briefing and ask as much questions as you can.

Eight, If you are going with a group either big or small, please consider the needs of the others too. Cooperation is key. If you don’t want to go with a group please pay more.

Ninth, you are going to visit holy sites so no sleeveless and short shorts. No slippers allowed too. Or else you will be forced to wear stiff and smelly long skirt over your shorts or itchy shawl for your sleeveless.

Tenth, lastly think of it a dozen times. But if you are sure you are all for it, GO! Not everyone has the opportunity to visit the Holy land. You do not pay for thousands of dollars to be comfortable there, you pay to discover where your faith begins and where it ends.

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  1. Alex says:

    Israel is not an arab country.
    You can get christian items in Jerusalem.
    And it is a very clean country – specially if you compare it to Manila.

  2. Jazz says:

    Hi. I stumbled upon your blog because I will be going to Israel this April. You said that slippers aren’t allowed. What kind of slippers? are sandals allowed though?

    • Renz says:

      Hi Jazz,

      Yes most (holy) sites don’t allow slippers especially the Churches.
      Sandals I think are okay. What I suggest is to carry ballet flats with you when you go around so you can change when needed.

  3. Jazz says:

    Hi. I’m looking for a legit travel agency to Israel for next year. The internet is full of bogus agencies. so sad. What agency did you use? thanks

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