Growing up, I’m a lawn tennis player, I played for our school, our town, and then our region. I started when I was around Peaches’ age, 6 years old. I’ve had lots of support from my parents who hired my personal coach. He was with me until I was in High School. There was a point where he was given his own living quarters in our house because we both had to do serious training.

But it is just now that I realize how hard it must have been for my parents to support my tennis career. I understand now that more than the money they invested on my training, equipment and so on, it was their time that was really pretty huge. Because I remember them, or at least one of them, being present on all of my matches, be it a minor or a major tournament.



Now that Peaches is finding her own way into sports, Troy and I try our best to support her in every way we can. And yes, a huge chunk of our time’s dedicated to being with her in all of her practice which is about 4hrs, 3 times a week. Excluding our prep time and travel time!

Good thing, I’m not alone. There are plenty of Moms who brave the  heat inside the gym just to make sure their sons and daughters get the moral support they need. Of course there are parents who opted to trust their children with their nannies and drivers, I do not look down on them; we all have our ways of coping as parents and we do whatever works for us.

So this is what it feels like to be an athlete’s Mom! It’s a sacrifice that parents would lovingly accept to make their children feel encouraged and loved. As parents, we are here to support whatever passion and interests our kids have. Specially for little ones who are just starting to explore sports, arts, theater and so on.

So here’s a shout out to fellow athlete Moms out there! Give yourself a nice reward for doing a great job!