>I dare to post about this topic for the following reasons:
1. My laptop’s on my lap and they say the radiation that it emits can cause infertility. And I remember a talk I had with my husband about adoption and his stand.
2. I know someone who for so long is trying to conceive and when she finally did, she was diagnosed of Pulmonary Edema which is of course life threatening. The doctor gave them option to abort the pregnancy while it’s still pre-term, but the couple refused and signed a waiver to save and prioritize the baby no matter what.

I think among the other things that a couple should discuss is adoption. There is always a chance that the couple could not produce their own offspring. Knowing your partner’s view on adoption could save you a lot of heart aches in the future.

My husband said to me that if we could not have our own children, he is willing to adopt and give homeless children a chance of a better future than to put me on several tests and needles. He said that if there came a point that he has to choose between me and our-to-be-born baby, he would choose me. He’s pretty firm with his words so I didn’t argue. I just pointed out that as a mother, my emotions would be different.
I pray to God that there will never be a point in our lives that we have to choose between two people we love. It is never easy. I would never wish it even for my greatest enemy (not that I have one).

I wonder what your view on adoption is. Please feel free to share yours.