>This is  one of the most often questions I hear first time parent/s like me ask. But for me the question should be: “When is my child ready to start school?” It’s because not every child develops at the same time or proper time. I knew Peaches was ready because of the signs she was showing me. Of course you know we have study time as part of our daily habit so I guess that helped me assess her capabilities.

First she’s getting so bored spending most of her time with me or Ate Myrna. All the other kids, her playmates, had gone to school so there’s no use spending time at the playground.

Second, she’s getting weary of our one on one study time or even our playtime. When I say study time, it’s not all books and flash cards that some of you might think. It’s more of learning songs, playing with colors, etc…but as I said it was getting old for her.

Third, she’s learned her alphabet and numbers quite enough so a little follow up by her teachers is doing great for her.

These are my top 3 reasons why I decided to enroll her never mind my MIL and Mom’s violent reaction. For them, it’s still too early but I explained that it’s not a formal school (yet) it’s structured play and the lessons are incorporated on those play. They are also taught things that I can never teach in a daily basis like SHARING. Peaches is accustomed to have everything by herself–her toys, her books, etc.. but at school, she has to share everything with her classmates (they’re 6 in class).

Playing, learning and participating with other kids help my child grow (in so many ways) too. As long as Peaches is happy at school and is learning well, I’m all for it.

So you see, the answer lies on your hand, Mommy. Only you can assess if your child is ready for school.
Some would think that this is an expensive way of killing time, but if it’s the way to teach my kids things I can never do at home, then I’ll work hard to pay for it.