My FIL and my SIL both told me (on separate occasions)
I must be out of my wits for being home all day all week.
I told them a part of the truth.
I wished I told them the whole truth.
I told them I was not bored.
That reading a book helped.

I wish I told them
I had a lot on my plate left alone with Peaches and the house.
I wish I told them
I’m dying to have a work.
I wish I told them
I keep myself busy so as not to feel uhhh incapacitated?
I wish I told them
I would give anything to be able to work.

I guess it made me feel relieve
knowing that some people actually do feel a bit
of what I feel.
Maybe they can sense it?
It’s not the first time my FIL proved how powerful his
fatherly senses are.
Oh well.
At least they know.
Maybe it’s normal to feel this way?
I’m just relieved.