That’s the tag line from the newest supplement offerings from Pascual Laboratories.  The supplements are targeted to women of all walks of life.

Women are multi faceted. They take up many roles in life and squeeze those roles in a day. So a supplement created for women is nothing short of a heaven sent elixir. Pascual laboratories recently introduced their newest products and the women who endorses them.

The A!Life Supplements that will bring you a step closer to your goals!

A!Life Control as endorsed by Lucy Torres-Gomez (Congresswoman, celebrity, mother)
a!life Control Ambassador - Lucy Torres - Gomez
Control blocks Carbohydrate absorption which means no carb, less fat! Take this 2 hours prior to your next meal and it will minimize the absorption of the caloric impact of starchy foods that you take. When this is taken side by side with a proper diet and exercise this will assist in weight control. Perfect for a fitter and healthier lifestyle!

A!Life Posture as endorsed by Shawn Yao (TV personality, pilates enthusiast)
a!life Posture Ambassador - Shawn Yao

Posture has Ostivone (scientifically known as ipriflavone) which is a unique bone health nutrient proven to stimualte the formation of new bon cells and inhibits the loss of healthy bone cells. This works best when taken together with Calcium to increase bone mineral density. Start taking care of your bones, stand tall and strong!

A!Life Energy as endorsed by Lorraine Lapus (athlete, business executive)
a!life Energy Ambassador - Lorraine Lapus
Energy is composed of malunggay extracts which are natural energy boosters. This is perfect for women who want optimum physical performance. It’s safe and healthy.

A!Life Protect as endorsed by Lexi Schulze (TV personality, Anti-cancer advocate)
a!life Protect Ambassador - Lexi Schulze
Protect has Pynogenol which is a super anti-oxidant that helps protect the immune system by defending against free radicals while inhibiting the inflammation caused by UV-exposure. Say no to sunburn and over pigmentation! Get rid of free radicals in a safe and no side effect way!

A!Life Restore as endorsed by Patty Betita (model, image consultant)
a!life Restore Ambassador - Patty Betita
Restore is an anti-aging supplement which contains injuv, a Hyaluronic acid that restores moisture from within our cells. It wil rejuvenate the skin and prevent wrinkles and fine lines from appearing. Who wouldn’t want to look younger? Take Restore and have that young and supple skin you want.


Personally, I am taking control and restore. I do not take medicines or supplements just because. I make sure they are safe and I get the most of it. I do believe that Restore can help me look better as I age because I do not use moisturizers or lotions or what-nots- on the skin. I am hoping that Restore will make up for all of that.

I also believe that living a healthy life is a choice. One needs to make that decision and live up to it.

When are will you start? I just did and I started small. One baby step at a time. 🙂

* A!Life supplements are now available on all major drugstores in the Metro. A box of Control is P300 plus. Restore is yet to come out though- so thrilled to be one of the firsts to try it!