>For the past two nights, Peaches and I are sleeping with the fan on instead of our A/C. It was humid when the night progresses so I had the hardest time keeping Peaches asleep. Our A/C has iced up and the air that it gives out isn’t cold enough. In fact it gets hotter when turned on for a long time. And did you know that when an A/C isn’t blowing enough cool air, you should turn off the A/C because it’s using more electricity because it’s “straining”.

I called the repair guy to come and clean the A/C because your first option would be to clean the pipe and make sure there’s no leakage or if it has, it’s not trapping the water within the pipe.
The repair guy came on the 3rd day (thanks to my FIL’s constant bugging to Mr. Repair Guy) and announced that cleaning the A/C isn’t enough. He said it needed a new freon. He showed me how the A/C is blowing cold air at the back part when it should be blowing hot air.

To cut the long story short, I paid P2,200 for a freon change and A/C cleaning. Now, Peaches is sound asleep and I get to stay up late and finish some posts! But I really lost my senses when I was told I had to pay P2,200! I didn’t know maintaining A/C is that expensive. I wonder how long will this new freon last until it ice up again (I hope not so soon).

Have you experienced this? How’s your A/C doing?