>I have always wanted longer and fuller eye lashes because it accentuates my eyes more and it dramatically improves my over all look. I really have short eyelashes to begin with so it was kinda frustrating when I see ladies who can put crystals on their eyelashes because it’s long! And did you know that my husband’s eyelashes are longer than mine (imagine that)? I hope that’s enough reason why I have the constant need (and want) to have longer, fuller and natural lashes!

There were plenty of home remedies and cosmetic methods that promised me a more glamorous eye lashes but in the end, I felt dissatisfied. You can say that I became so obsessed with my eyelashes that I have tried several brands of eye lash curlers, liquid eyeliners and mascara but I have yet to find something that will give me a more “natural” looking eye lashes. I have learned that fake eyelashes makes you look like well, fake (and who would want that, right?). 
If you’re joining beauty contests or other special occasion, a fake eyelashes might work but wearing it on a daily basis would be hard especially if you’re always on the go. 

I remember someone I know who had her eyelashes permed, she would not turn the car’s A/C because she was too afraid the air will destroy her oh-so-expensive permed eyelashes! That’s when I said to myself that having a fuller and natural lashes is the ONLY way for me

Why do we need longer eye lashes,anyway? It’s not purely for a more “improved” look but also for our eyes’ protection. Having a longer eyelashes keeps our eyes protected from dusts and other harmful debris in the air. Human eye lashes is equivalent to a cat’s whiskers; both of which are very reflexive and serves as protection from harmful environmental factors.  

Currently there are numerous brands available in the market that boasts of a more natural and fuller lashes but remember to always check the products that you use because our eyes are sensitive, yes even our eyelashes are sensitive. Some products can cause eye pigmentation and eye irritation. 

I am hoping to try ILASH® because it’s manufactured in the US and developed by a team of physicians so I am confident that it’s safe and it will deliver its promises. I have also read that  ILASH® can also improve your thinning eyebrows and that it is made of ingredients that are non-eye irritants! I am completely sold with this product and it does sound amazing to me and I can’t wait to try it on! 

Am I making you curious with ILASH® ? Read more about it here and learn how to use it to here!