Most online sellers I know use the ads service of and everything’s peachy until recently when OLX PH started to roll out changes to their policies, website and ad regulations that took everyone by surprise.


First problem: OLX PH removed their feedback feature where buyers can put their reviews on the transaction with the seller.

Second problem: They started to ask more monies from ad postings. So today, OLX PH is not completely free. Depending what category you choose to post your ad, you will only get one free post and any succeeding posts in the same category, you will need to pay around P100-350. And then some categories will ask you to pay the fee outright.

Third problem: When you want to repost your old ad, you will have to pay P350 (it used to be P100). The fee is on top of the add-on features that you want to get your ads’ mileage, i.e., Sponsored listing, feature listing, automatic repost, etc

Fourth problem: When you buy OLX credits or they call it OLX GOLD, to pay for your ads using either online payment or 3rd party payment method options, they fail to credit it to your account within their promised 2 business days. In fact, my first olx gold purchase took them 1 and a half weeks to credit. My second purchase, until this writing, is still unaccounted for, and it has been two weeks.


Fifth problem: They took out their forums, and their customer support is really bad. I get a response from my tickets two days after submission AND at 12MN. Sometimes, they require action from me, and since I am away from the Internet by then, I will have to wait another day or two before they respond back. Again, really bad customer support.

Sixth problem: They do not allow landline number on the ad display anymore. Potential customers can only contact you via mobile that is sometimes a hassle. I guess they did this so they can maximize their mobile app.

Having the worst experience with OLX, I tried and so far, I like what I saw. Reading through their forums, I have seen a lot of sulit and OLX users who are ranting about their bad experiences with OLX and knew that I am not the only entrepreneur who got sick of OLX PH’s new policies.

As entrepreneurs, we know the cost of advertising, and we accept that as part of the trade but what OLX PH is giving us is different and unfair. I will gladly pay for their services if only their customer support is stellar if they give me more value or equal to what I am paying them which translates to good business.

I think that if OLX PH doesn’t clean their act, they’ll suffer huge losses from their customers including myself.