When our new house was ready for move in, I had a team of professional cleaners do a thorough scrub down of our house because I wanted to thoroughly remove dusts, bad smell and deeply embedded dirt from the construction.

And isn’t it good practice to clean the house before moving in? Even Feng Shui experts would agree to this.

Dirt and dusts are part of the construction and most often than not, your construction contractor will leave the cleaning to you once they’ve turned over your house to you. If you leave these pesky matters uncleaned, it can potentially cause respiratory problems especially if you have kids living with you in this space. Not to mention, these can ruin furniture.

If you let dirt, dusts and stains sit for a long time… it’ll be harder to remove them. So it’s best to have professional cleaners service your newly constructed home or living/working space. This is an investment and you would want to keep that investment in good condition all the time.

And personally, I know that you’ll spend less on home maintenance and repairs if you keep your home in tip top condition (read: clean) because your materials, your furniture, your wall paint, your window treatment,  etc- they all last longer when they’re cleaned properly.

Then of course I have two kids who will be running barefoot around the house and I certainly don’t want them to step on debris and any form of germ infested dirt.

So why is it important to hire professional cleaners to clean your house?

For one, they know what they’re doing more than your housekeeper does. And then reliable professional cleaners have tools and cleaning solutions for each problem areas in your house. They will even identify these areas as they are already well experienced in cleaning newly constructed or renovated spaces.

And do you honestly have time and energy to clean your home- top to bottom?

I don’t. I’d rather leave it to the experts and pay them than spend time, buy commercial solutions that I don’t know if will ever work and of to top it all my energy is better spent on more purposeful things.