Wi-Tribe recently re-launched their unlimited pure 4G wi-fi services. After the first launching, Wi-Tribe customers sent their feedback and the Wi-Tribe team listened.  Today, with the upgrades and improvements that they’ve made, they’re perceived to be a step further on the game.

Wi-Tribe showcased their wi-fi power at the recent OMG!Yahoo Philippines Awards Night at Republiq, Resorts World Manila. Celebrities, media partners and guests were able to update their Facebook status and Tweet about the latest happening at the event, thanks to the free Wi-Tribe services!

The Wi-Tribe booth was flunked by several guests including celebrities. A lucky winner was drawn through a cool handprint technology that was set-up at the booth. Look who tried their luck:





And the winner of Wi-Tribe’s lucky draw is:


The pretty lady from Pepe Smith’s entourage won a unit of Archos tablet and 24 months free Wi-Tribe subscription. How awesome could that be? The Wi-Tribe team also gave a special award to Someday Dream for being a top online music personality.



Wi-Tribe’s Head of Marketing Communications, Mr. Jay Reantaso talked about more reliable Internet service from Wi-Tribe, easy access on customer support through their 24/7 hotline, dial 31-tribe and on top of that, despite their upgrades on services they still have the lowest subscription plan rates.

Wi-Tribe Subscription Plans:

P598 Plan up to 512kbps

P998 Plan up to 1mbps

P1998 Plan up to 2mbps

Note that these plans are offering an unlimited 4G wi-fi experience with no bandwidth capping and no installation fee. The application process is simple, call Wi-Tribe’s hotline number (31-tribe) and schedule for a demo so you can test the signal and speed. If you like it, the technician will leave the modem unit right there and then. No installation fees, they claim.


During the interview with Mr. Reantaso, he assured that rains and heavy wind will not disrupt the Wi-Tribe signal. He also pointed out that 90% of Metro Manila has been covered by Wi-Tribe and that it has an approximate of 50,000 existing subscribers.

One question raised was about the size of the modem which was too big for some. Apparently, Wi-Tribe is selling a limited edition of their dongle which you can purchase at their concept stores located at:




Makati City- Convergys building

Shangrila Mall


The dongle costs P2500. Wi-Tribe has an on going promo which started last June 6 and will end on July 31.

New subscribers from June 6 to July 31 will have a chance to win one of the following:

24 months FREE INTERNET (100 winners)

3 months CASH BACK (200 winners)

AND if you apply today you get 1 month cashback! A definite win-win situation for everyone.

I am personally interested to schedule for a FREE demo. Are you up to it? Let me know what you think!


Watch this awesome short clip from Wi-Tribe (by the way it’s pronounced as waytrayb as opposed to wiii-tribe)

For more details, visit www.wi-tribe.ph, like them on Wi-Tribe’s Facebook fanpage and stalk them at Wi-Tribe’s Twitter page