November 27, 2010
Gateway Cineplex 4
Tang’s KiddieCine Award Ceremony and Film Showing

The 5 amazing young directors were announced and introduced to the media. The movies they created were shown to us as well. It was a 5-minute video clip that the kids directed, edited and produced (some of them starred on their own films too!). The kids were taught and trained by directors who guided the kids to the technical aspects of creating a movie.

The movies were amazing that you wouldn’t think 7-9 year olds came up with the whole idea of the film. Below are some snapshots while the young Tang Kiddie Directors are at work:

This was their cute trophy

The young directors looked like they truly enjoyed their short film stint and I hope Tang would continue this very inspiring event every year to give chance to emerging film directors! 🙂

This is indeed a very creative and unique approach of Tang to enhance the brilliant mind of our youth today.