Hey awesome WAHMs!

I was recently introduced by a client to these awesome tools that I think will help you with your own online business and tasks. I’m really blown away by these tools and I can’t wait for my off hours to play with it some more.

What’s best about these tools is that they are both FREE!

1. Mind Mapping Tool

You can actually use this to take down notes while you’re in discussion with a client or even post discussion with your client. I use this to map out ideas I like and then pitch it to my clients.

This one’s called, Freemind .  Works well with Windows and MAC.

It may need some time playing and getting used to but when you get the hang of it, it’s pretty useful.


2. Interactive Whiteboard Software

This tool works well with MAC and Windows. Easier to navigate and use compared to Freemind but they’re totally different software and has different uses too. So I suggest you try both.

Download and intall OPEN SANKORE 

With this one, you can share your screen with anyone using (Teamviewer or Skype) and use the tools that could highlight something from your screen, scribble something using a pen, etc. So basically your screen becomes an  instant whiteboard!

Pretty cool, huh?

Download them and tell me what you think!