P120 per copy (Richard and Lucy Gomez)

Have you gotten yourself the July issue of Working Mom Magazine? If not please grab a copy and let’s feast on the amazing topics. Oh and what can I say, they have a better new look on their magazine! Superb.

Here’s the rundown on what I learned from Working Mom magazine:

– Learn how to help your teen daughter cope up when she starts having period.

– And is your toddler having trouble sleeping (and thus giving Mommy the eye bags?) get tips and tricks on  how to make the kiddos get proper shut eye.

– Dress in style. I’m really a t-shirt and jeans person but it helps to dress well when meeting potential clients and it certainly does not hurt to dress up a little once in a while.

– The best article I read on this issue is about the myths of memory loss. Now I understand better how mental slowness occurs and how to prevent it. Very informative and a must-know since accept it or not, we’re very well on our way to memory loss.

– I had fun reading the cost cutting tips article too where readers contributed on how they budget and save. Definitely a must-read for all Moms.

And of course there are the dainty home essential suggestions on the later part of the mag which are all so cute and chic. Working Mom will definitely help every mothers who are struggling to keep their family, work and personal life in balance. Read and learn from other mothers  and what works for them might just work for you. If not, you can always reinvent the idea and make it work! 🙂

Happy reading Mommies!