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So a week after getting back from our 2-month vacation in the US, I’m now officially back in my working stance. It was so hard to get back in shape when

1. Jet lag is a killer. I am awake by 3AM and dead tired by 6PM and pushing it till 7PM, my mind shuts down.

2. I had to fix several things in the house since we had it renovated while we were away. I am still going through each part of the house, tinkering and trying to redesign. I started with our home office which I will post a photo when I’m finally done with my finishing touches.

3. All I think about was sleep and rest. Funny how after your “vacation” you feel tired!

4. I lost some of my clients and had to regain my momentum back again. When I was in the States, I had to cut back on my client list since I can’t meet their demands anymore. But now that I’m back…I need them clients…STAT!

What I learned from this experience is to give in to your “sleeping” needs and do what you have to do on your “waking” hours. Eventually, your body clock will be back to how you want it to be.

Soon after my jet lag recovery, I am back with a vengeance.

Here I am ready to take on more work and challenges. It feels great to be able to spend time with my family in the US and I’m definitely looking forward to our trip next year.