For the past weeks, I felt that I have lost my writing mojo and I don’t know why. Maybe too tired to think about what words to write?

I am not a professional writer to begin with but I do write decently  (plus there are tons of grammar check and spelling check tools online!) but lately, I just couldn’t write. Luckily, writing is not my main bread and butter or else I’d be panicky.


For some business owners who use content as their major source of income, you now have plenty of options to outsource your content from. Aside from professional writers, there are writing services online that you can contract to write good content.

With the dawn of Internet marketing and Email marketing, content writing has become so huge that it is now a multi-million industry. Content generating services are earning from this too!

Content topic has become so vast as well. Now there are different types of essays that you can choose from – argumentative essays, descriptive essays, informative essays and persuasive essays.

No matter what you require, make sure you are getting your content from reputable writers since you’ll be paying good money for it (but you’ll probably earn more from it too!).

Back to my writer’s block (can I call it that even if I’m not a real writer?), what do you think should I do? 

I can’t possibly ask one of these online writing services to produce content for me too.!