We had the nicest time during our New Year sailing with Mariner of the Seas. All 3,100 capacity of the ship was occupied but it didn’t feel crowded at all. I guess it’s because the ship itself is huge. It has 15 decks and absolutely amazing amenities that kids and adults a like will surely love.

They had partnered with Dreamworks and many famous cartoon characters were present for photo opps and entertainment for the kids. My daughter’s favorites were Po of Kung Fu Panda, the Penguins from Madagascar and Puss in Boots. Shrek and Fiona were present too— with lots of other characters from different Dreamworks cartoon production.


The Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas is really offered for families with young children. They offer daily activities for kids of all ages, supervised by their staff. There are drop off sessions where you can sign in your child and leave them…and then come back at a designated time, this way the adults can enjoy their cruise without their kids pestering them because they’re bored.

There are also paid packages for kids that you can avail. Like for Peaches we got the Barbie package where she got nice Barbie pillow case, blanket, accessories and toiletries in our stateroom. She also had Barbie activities such as tea party, fashion design, mermaid dance class and a fashion show. It was super worth it because the little girl was very happy and eager to join her Barbie activities.

I love that the staff and crew on board Mariner of the Seas are very attentive and friendly. They make sure you get the best service. Each state room gets their personalized attendant and they are always visible along the corridors in case you need something from them. Room service is free! You can call and ask them to bring you food from the Windjammer (buffet dining) and they’ll bring you all sorts of food for free.

The only draw back when you’re in a cruise is the over flowing food and drinks. On board Mariner of the Seas, there are plenty of dining areas that are FREE. There’s also the hotdog stand where you can stuff yourself with NY hotdogs, Frankfurt and so on. They also serve yummy yougurt ice cream 24/7! And it’s by the pool where you can lounge and relax while the kids are swimming and splashing.

There are adult and kiddie jacuzzis too! I think I saw about 4 of them. 1 was inside the beautiful and huge gym! Troy was ecstatic to see how well equipped the gym was. In the center was the beautiful Jacuzzi  where I stayed once while waiting for the hubs to finish his sets.

For more information, you can visit http://www.pirkkotroy.com/cruises

This was our 2nd time to cruise but first with Royal Caribbean and I must say, the service, the food and the people we shared the cruise with are superb and beyond comparison.

You should try it!

Oh and yes, I am 15 weeks pregnant when I boarded. I just provided them with a medical certificate stating my AOG (age of gestation) and that I am fit to travel. Most cruise ship will allow upto 24 weeks of pregnancy.

The old souls were also super happy with the cruise because of the nightly band from one of the bars where the musicians were using behringer eurolive b210d at guitar center to serenade the crowd.