>Last December 1 was our wedding anniversary. We didn’t properly celebrate it because my husband flew to India on a business trip. But when he left, a nice package came in and it was his anniversary gift for me 🙂 

Are you having trouble deciding on the best gift for your husband on your wedding anniversary? This nice information about yearly anniversary gift suggestions might help you: 

First Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gift: Paper 
Modern Gift: Plastic
First Anniversary Gift Suggestion: Plane ticket, movie ticket, concert ticket or a ticket to his favorite comedy bar

Second Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gift: Cotton
Modern Gift: Cotton/ China
Second Anniversary Gift Suggestion: Intimate apparel, Hanker chief, Shirts, shorts, boxers, cotton lingerie

Third Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gift: Leather
Modern Gift: Crystal/Glass
Third Anniversary Gift Suggestion: wallet, shoes, belts, accessories

Fourth Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gift: Flowers
Modern Gift: Linen/Silk
Fourth Anniversary Gift Suggestion: bouquet, potted plants for the garden, flower printed apparels, silk robes, bed sheets, etc

Fifth Wedding Anniversary
Traditional Gift: Wood
Modern Gift: Silverware
Fifth Anniversary Gift Suggestion: furnitures, kitchen utensils, hunting knives

Years 6-10 will soon follow! 

I hope this information about yearly anniversary gift helped you.