>Yesterday we went to Subic for Peaches’ Zoobic Safari experience. It’s perfect timing since she loves animals and she knows them by heart but only through pictures and tv. My initial thought was that she’ll be scared since there will be close encounters with some of the tamed animals but boy, was I wrong.

I searched the internet and found this old website, Zoobic Safari at multiply. It’s old because the rates are not updated but the contact numbers are still working. I called them up and I was satisfied by their customer service. The Zoobic Safari entrance fee/rates are:

P449 for adults
P349 for children 4ft above
children 3ft and below are free

I managed to get hold of their promo and pay P1,500 for 6 tickets (inclusive of the tram ride). There were only 4 of us (plus 1 including Peaches) so we have extra tickets which are valid until December 2010, anyone interested?

The attractions include:

Safari Ride
Close Encounters with Tigers
Animal Show
Zoobic Park
Croco Loco
Animal Care Center
Hip Hop Bay-a-walk
Bone museum
Aeta’ Trail

During the Safari Ride, you will be in a tram which you will have two options:
1. bring your car and drive around the park following the tram
2. pay P50 per person and ride the nice tram
3. pay P100 per person and ride a nicer tram with free bottle of water and chips

But our tickets were inclusive of the tram ride so it’s really worth it.

It’s a guided tour and if you’re bringing your kid, it’ll be nice to have other kids on the group so your child will enjoy more 🙂 Peaches enjoyed every minute and walked even the stony paths. She didn’t complain even if she was sweating and walking for hours already.

Remember that you also have to pay if you want to feed the animals. Peaches loved feeding the bearcat with bananas and the birds who flew on her hands to get their grains. She was also able to feed the sheep with a feeding bottle and milk. The crocodiles were also fed with raw chicken in a fish pole. The highlight though was feeding the tiger with raw chicken.

We’re inside this caged jeep that goes into the tigers’ area and the guide dangles the chicken outside the cage and the tiger bites it into pieces. For finale, the guide throws whatever remained of the chicken on the roof and the tiger jumps and eats the chicken while we drive around some more until the tiger finishes its meal and jumps off the jeep.

I can’t help but compare Zoobic to Bangkok’s Safari version, I remember we were just inside the bus driving around this wide area and different animals were there. Not as much exciting as being in a caged jeep with the tigers 🙂

There were also few animals that I thought would be there but they were not- giraffe, zebra, and elephant. Some animals were in a sorry state maybe because of the heat. The Ostriches were shedding their feathers thus they look funny. 

We didn’t get to watch the animal show because the tour itself took 3 hours or so and we were hungry. We drove to my Lola’s place in Hermosa, Bataan for a sumptuous lunch after. It was a perfect ending for Peaches because she was able to run around Lola’s big yard and play with the dogs.

Over all, I am rating Zoobic 8 out of 10. There are plenty of room for improvement on that place. It took us forever to drive from Ortigas to Zoobic so I was expecting more. But because my Peaches was  happy, I’m giving them 8 🙂